Aviv Tamar

Welcome to my homepage!

I’m an associate professor at Technion ECE, where I head the Robot Learning Lab.

My research focuses on AI and machine learning, with an emphasis on robotics applications. My long term goal is to bring robots into human-centered domains such as homes and hospitals. Towards this goal, some fundamental questions need to be solved, such as how can machines learn models of their environments that are useful for performing tasks, and how to learn behavior from interaction in an interpretable and safe manner. Most of my work falls under the framework of reinforcement learning, and its connections to representation learning and planning.

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Jan 2024

Together with Yishay Mansour and Shie Mannor we are writing a book on Foundations of RL. Check out the preprint here!

Jan 2023

Position paper with Shie Mannor on Deployable RL

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